Five Years of Service for Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) melissa robinson

Melissa has advocated and worked to accomplish many successes for KCPS. Here are the top ten:

1. Enacted a Strategic Plan, A Community-wide Commitment to Student Learning and Success and coordinating Balanced Scorecard 

2. Increased teacher pay to ensure retention of quality educators. 

3. Gained 70+ points on Annual Performance Rating (Accrediation) 

4. Passed Equity Policy to close academic achievement gaps. 

5. Passed 18.3% MBE/WBE participation goals as recommended by the KCMO Disparity Study

6. Evaluated and approved expansion of the Lincoln College Preparatory Program 

7. Approved renovations and improvements for four High School athletic fields. 

8. Eliminated privatization of custodial services 

9. Developed a legislative committee resulting in multiple successes including ensuring staggered board terms for future KCPS Board members 

10. Reversed Superintendent bonus structure  

kansas city political melissa robinson


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