Melissa will have 1,460 days in her first term and will need to hit the ground running to improve conditions for 3rd District residents, entrepreneurs, neighborhood organizations, faith based groups and other stakeholders.  Connect to our movement to add measurable initiatives and things you would like Melissa and our team to accomplish. 



Public Education is a bedrock principle of civic life in America. As Board Chair for Kansas City Public Schools, Melissa successfully advocated for and achieved a number of key reforms as well as strong pathways to accreditation for our public schools. As Councilwoman for the 3rd district, she will continue to advocate for improved outcomes and quality education for all children in Kansas City, such as the “KC Business Summit” to better align k-12 curriculum with the needs of the business community.   The Chiefs and Royals are home to the 3rd District.  Melissa will work to develop partnership agreements with our hometown teams to invest deeply in the heart of the community; with a priority of benefiting the interests of 3rd District children and families.



The economic revival currently underway in Kansas City is both remarkable and inspiring. As regional investment increases and expands eastwards from the downtown corridor, it is crucial that the citizens of the 3rd district benefit from this new and exciting wave of economic opportunity. Through collaboration with neighborhoods organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, MBE/WBEs, civic organizations and other local community groups, Melissa will ensure increased economic opportunities are available to the citizens throughout the 3rd district.  Melissa will implement a community-based approach in selecting the 3rd District Public Improvements Advisory Committee (PIAC) member and work to ensure PIAC funds are utilized strategically to spur job growth and enterprise.   In addition, Melissa will work to advance the progressive solid waste plans and increase our ability to ensure our neighborhoods are well kept and attractive for new homeowners and investment. 



Development along the Troost corridor has reached a fever pitch, and the corridor is now one of the largest speculative real estate markets in the city. As investment along Troost continues to grow, affordable housing for longtime area residents must be taken into account. The potential revaluation of residential properties cannot be allowed to push current residents out. Melissa is committed to ensuring that longtime residents are not forced to move ahead of a wave of gentrification.  Melissa will work with all 48 neighborhood associations and fight for their opportunity to design their own housing plans; as well as leverage city support to develop feasible financing plans.  Melissa will work to ensure tax abatement incentives work for residents, especially the elderly,  who have put in sweat equity and want to remain in the neighborhood. 



Discrimination in access to city contracts has long and well documented history in Kansas City. As a board member for Kansas City Public Schools, Melissa lead the MBE/WBE initiative requiring the administration to increase contract opportunities for women and minority owned businesses. She is committed to growing the MBE/WBE program membership and increasing the variety of firms within the network, thereby expanding access to both new and established contract opportunities.  Melissa will work to ensure business owners are aware of city services that are designed to build their capacity and streamline access to city contracts. 



For decades now, the rate of inflation and this cost of living have far outpaced wage growth, particularly when contrasted with the federal minimum wage standard. Economic dignity not only mean access to jobs, but access to jobs to that provide an adequate living wage. Melissa advocates a dual approach to this problem, through the promotion of strategic economic development initiatives that create new jobs alongside a city wide raise in the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. She will ensure these policies complement traditional, ongoing support for small businesses and technology based firms.  Melissa will work with labor and other job growth industries to ensure strong pipeline programs are  working and accessible to all Kansas Citians. 



During her tenure as a board member for Kansas City Public Schools, Melissa not only served as the board chair, she also served as Treasurer and dedicated herself to judicious and efficient allocation of education funding. Melissa will bring the same rigorous oversight to her work as 3rd district Councilwoman, ensuring that taxpayer funds like the recently approved GO Bond revenues are distributed equitably, providing benefit to all citizens of Kansas City regardless of their zip code. 



Melissa supports the current suite of carbon free/green energy legislation passed by the current city council to make all the electricity used by government come from carbon free sources by end of the 2020. Achieving these measures would improve the health of City residents, reduce energy costs, create jobs, and help to mitigate climate change by greatly reducing the City’s carbon footprint. As cities battle against dire warnings of the threat of climate change issued by the federal government and the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC), cutting emissions in Kansas City’s transportation and buildings sectors is one of the biggest ways to address the challenge. 

Furthermore to address the residential needs of Kansas City citizens, we fill The Net Metering laws when it comes to residential solar should favor the customer with higher credits to the electrical bill.  The proposed resolution would reinstate net metering, which increase sales immediately and bring jobs back to the city as well as millions of dollars in economic benefit. 

The proposed resolution would allow new solar customers to be reimbursed for excess energy at 95% of the retail rate. This rate will decline as more solar systems are installed in Missouri. Also, the law created a protection for homeowners, offering them a guaranteed net metering rate for 20 years. 

Lastly we can't ignore the need to upgrade and expand the replacement of  outdated “red” oxygen sodium street lights to new low watt high lumens LED street lights that will not only impact public safety by shedding light to dark spots in the community where criminals feel they cannot be seen. 

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